Residential Plumbing Services in Whittier, CA

Do you need to replace your aging pipes, or have a leaky water heater repaired? Call us for residential plumbing appointments. Serving Los Angeles County and Whittier, we provide same-day services.

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Is your hot water heater suddenly not producing hot water? Is the dripping faucet in your kitchen getting worse every day? You need expert plumbing help. Schedule repairs with our licensed and insured technicians when you call Paramount Plumbing, Heating & Air. We offer 24/7 emergency services to Whittier, CA, and throughout Los Angeles County.

Why call us when you need plumbing repairs? Read our testimonials to see why our customers make us their first call.

We proudly provide complete plumbing services to the Whittier area, including:

  • Emergency services
  • Water leak detection and burst pipes
  • Water line services
  • Water heater services
  • Tankless water heater services
  • Clogged toilet repairs
  • Water softeners
  • Gas leak detection
  • Repiping services

What You Need To Know About Tankless Water Heaters

When installing a new water heater, there are many benefits to selecting a tankless unit. These systems do have key differences from traditional units, so it’s important to be aware of some key aspects, including:

  • Cost: The initial cost of the system may be more expensive than a traditional unit, but you will save on energy usage. Soon, the money you’re saving can outweigh the price of the unit.
  • Installation: During installation, extensive piping, proper venting, and electrical expertise are required. Only trust a plumbing professional to do this work!
  • Buildup: Corrosion and mineral buildup may occur if the unit is not flushed every six months.
  • Overload: Product overload can occur if the heater was improperly sized for its usage.

Ways To Avoid Clogged Pipes

Are you showering in standing water, or brushing your teeth in a sink full of water due to clogged drains? You can avoid these inconveniences by following these tips to prevent blockages:

  • Don’t put food scraps down the drain. Even if you have a garbage disposal, first scrape food into the trash.
  • Never pour grease down the drain.
  • Place a screen over the shower and bathtub drains to collect hair.
  • Only flush sewage and toilet paper down the toilet.
  • Schedule regular professional drain cleanings.

When you have a clogged drain or a malfunctioning water heater, contact us to schedule services.

Signs You Need Repiping Services

Is it time to replace your existing pipes? Since you can’t see the piping system it can be difficult to know when you should schedule repairs. There are some symptoms to watch for, including:

  • Your system needs frequent repairs, or you’re experiencing continuous issues with it.
  • The water in your home is an unusual color or taste.
  • Your water pressure is decreasing.
  • Your system is aging and is starting to show signs of wear and tear.
  • You notice leaks coming from the system.
  • There is corrosion in the existing system due to limescale.
  • There is damage to the pipes due to extremely cold weather.

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