Types of Ductwork

Air Ducts

Air ducts are an important part of HVAC systems because the ductwork is what allows the air to travel through a home to heat and cool. It is important to know the differences between the types of air duct designs. Not all homeowners benefit from the standard because of their house layout. To further understand the differences and choose a design, homeowners should call air duct experts and designers.

What is the Purpose of Having Different Types?

The purpose of having different types of air ducts is that not all homes are built similarly. There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing an efficient and convenient air duct design. For example, homeowners need to know their house layout, the common air duct materials, and the British thermal unit (BTU). Different air duct designs can also be used together in the same ductwork system.  

The Four Most Common Types of Air Ducts

ducts There are four common types of air ducts to consider when designing a home. For example, sheet metal air ducts use sheet metal throughout a home. They are inexpensive materials and also thick and smooth enough to repel bacteria and mold.

Fiberglass-lined air ducts are different since they are made with fiberglass. This is a material that combines fabric with small particles of glass. It can be dangerous to inhale. Fiberboard air ducts are similar to both fiberglass air ducts and sheet metal air ducts since they use both materials. A fiberboard air duct is made with small pieces of fiberglass. The compressed fiberglass is then pressed down and hidden behind metal and foil that are tightly packed together. 

Last, but not least, flexible air ducts use softer materials and aluminum foils to fit even the toughest spots in a home. They are great for smaller areas where other air ducts do not fit. Installing flexible air ducts is harder and can kink and bend during the process.

Which Air Ducts are the Best?

ducts Technically, there is no ‘best’ air duct since all designs are unique to the materials and house layout of a homeowner. That being said, there is a ‌consensus that sheet metal air ducts are the most common type. HVAC experts recommend using sheet metal air ducts ‌because they are made with a non-porous material that prevents mold or bacteria from breeding in the ducts.

Fiberglass is one of the most inexpensive air duct materials. Although many homes still use this type of air duct, there are health concerns associated with the material since fiberglass is made with small glass particles. Fiberglass air ducts get dirty fast, leading to homeowners needing air duct cleaning. Homeowners should leave their air duct design to HVAC professionals and experts.

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