3 Simple Steps to Avoid Plumbing Mishaps This Summer

Prevent Those Summer Plumbing Issues 

Many homeowners don’t realize that summertime is when plumbing issues are at an increase. These issues can be attributed to many different factors: clogged disposals from BBQing and pouring grease down the drain, problems with garden and lawn sprinklers, outdoor faucet leaks, and washing machines that are overloaded with sweaty clothes. 

However, homeowners can do a few tips and tricks to help prevent these plumbing disasters. 


Check for Cracks and Leaks 

One surefire way a homeowner can prevent plumbing issues from spiraling into a more serious problem is to check for cracks and pipe leaks. Since homeowners will surely be using their plumbing system more during the hottest months of the year, they must assess their plumbing fixtures and look for common signs of leaks. 

These signs include water stains on the ceiling, indicating a toilet or sink leak, stains around the fixtures such as the bathroom or kitchen sink faucet, and higher water bills. 

It’s important to regularly check for these cracks and leaks to catch these issues before they become worse and cause more damage. If ignored, these leaks can cause damage to the ceiling, walls, and floors and result in costly repairs. 

Drains Aren’t for Grease or Oil drain

Homeowners often enjoy grilling and cooking outside during summer, inviting family, friends, and neighbors for get-togethers and backyard feasts. With so much cooking indoors and outdoors, a collection of leftover grease and oil can build up. 

While it may be tempting to dispose of this leftover grease and oil down the kitchen sink’s drain, grease and oil should never be poured down any drain, regardless of how little there is of it. Pouring grease or cooking oil down a drain can cause significant pipe clogs that can damage the pipes and plumbing system, resulting in expensive repairs. Instead, leftover grease and oil should be placed into a disposable container and thrown away. 

Regularly Flush Drains 

It may seem insignificant, but regularly flushing drains can be beneficial in keeping the drains clean from debris and gunk. By doing so, homeowners can help prevent clogs from buildup in drains and pipes. 

When it comes to flushing and cleaning drains, homeowners need to know that chemical drain cleaners can cause more bad than good and should be avoided.

Instead, homeowners looking to clean their drains can use a simple combination of ½ cup of baking soda and ½ cup of white vinegar. Once this mixture has been left in the drain for 15 minutes or so, homeowners can pour down a pot of boiling water to finish the flushing process. This process may need to be repeated a few times for more challenging clogs. However, boiling water should not be used in homes with PVC pipes because the heat can damage them. 

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