It’s Time To Start Thinking About Fall Heating Maintenance

Keep a Happy, Warm Home With Heating Maintenance

Maintenance of the heating and air conditioning systems is one of the most important responsibilities of a homeowner for keeping a home comfortable, and yet, too many people skip it. It’s time for homeowners to realize just how beneficial routine maintenance can be and how much money they will save in the long run by sticking to a regular maintenance schedule. 

The professionals servicing the system have a checklist of things to accomplish. One of the things they check for is if the air filter is clogged or not. The professionals will change the air filter if it’s time, but the homeowner can change it themselves at least every three months for efficient performance. Below is more information on heating maintenance and the benefits of regular maintenance. 

The Advantages of Maintaining the Heating System

heater Servicing HVAC systems twice a year is what professionals recommend. Preferably once in the spring for the air conditioning and another in the fall for the heating. When homeowners stick to this regular schedule, they will notice visible benefits. 

One of the main benefits of regular maintenance is all the money that homeowners save. Yes, homeowners still have to pay to have their HVAC system maintained twice a year, but that’s nothing compared to all the money they would be spending without the maintenance. Systems that never get care tend to have more frequent breakdowns and higher energy bills each month. 

Some of the other noticeable benefits of maintenance are: 

  • A longer-lasting heating system
  • Benefitting the environment with less energy usage
  • More consistent temperatures throughout the home
  • Better indoor air quality
  • A more comfortable home

What Goes On During Heater Maintenance?

filter Heater maintenance is essentially a huge checklist of the entire system. Professionals check all the major areas and connector pieces to ensure that everything works properly and that no little or big parts need to be replaced before the winter hits. Homeowners can trust that when they hire a professional to perform maintenance on their heating systems, those systems will be checked from top to bottom, inside and out. This ensures that any issues will be caught before they worsen and lead to larger, more costly repairs.

There is also something that homeowners can do on their own time to ensure that the system works efficiently all year long, and that is to change the air filters every few months. People living alone or with one or two people can get by replacing their air filter once every three months. Homes with multiple people and pets might benefit more from changing their air filters every other month. The clearer the air filter is, the better the air quality. Remember that! 

Isn’t It Too Early For Maintenance? 

The fall and spring months are typically the best times to get maintenance on the HVAC system so it can prepare for the temperature changes. However, HVAC companies tend to get busier with appointments during these seasons, with their busiest seasons being summer and winter.  

It’s best to schedule a visit earlier rather than later to get a convenient time and prepare the system before the more drastic temperature changes occur. Timing is everything, and homeowners don’t want to be stuck with a heater that breaks down this winter because they couldn’t get in with any professionals in time. Book now so there aren’t any regrets later!

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