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Is your home’s hard water wrecking your plumbing appliances and fixtures? You need a functioning water softener. Serving Los Angeles County and Paramount, call us for appointments.

Do you have white buildup on your faucets or showerhead, or do you have hard water stains on your bathtub? These can signal you need a functioning water softener to treat your hard water. Trust the work to the professionals. Call Paramount Plumbing, Heating & Air for water heater repairs and installations in Paramount, CA. We only send trustworthy technicians who have been background checked and drug tested to do the work.

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Benefits of Installing a Water Softener

A water softener is an essential appliance for your house if you have hard water. Some of the top advantages these systems provide are:

  • Cleaner and shinier silverware and glassware.
  • Softer, smoother, and cleaner hair and skin.
  • Softer and brighter fabrics and clothing.
  • Less soap scum on showers and bathtubs, resulting in less housework.
  • Longer-lasting appliances such as coffee makers, ice makers, dishwashers, and washing machines.
  • Reduced greenhouse gases that are the equivalent of removing one SUV from the road for one year.
  • Less usage of soaps and shampoos, as water that’s gone through the system can result in a rich lather, allowing you to use up to 75 percent fewer products.

How To Maintain Your Water Softener

To keep your water softener operating correctly, there are several ongoing maintenance tasks you should perform. Some of these essential tasks you must do are:

  • Add rock salt on a regular basis. Most units have a light that will alert you when the system is running low on salt.
  • Have a professional inspect the system on a regular basis to look for any potential issues.
  • Clean the unit at least once a year.

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Risks of Hard Water

Having hard water can have many negative effects on your plumbing system and your health. Some effects it can have include:

  • Your skin can become irritated and your hair can become dry.
  • Your pipes can clog.
  • You can develop rust stains in your bathtub and shower.
  • You can have a buildup of soap scum.
  • Your appliances can break down.

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