Air Handler Services in Paramount, CA

You need a fully functioning air handler in order for your air conditioner to work properly. Call us for repairs, installation, and replacement services. Proudly serving Los Angeles County and Paramount, we provide emergency services.

When your air handler breaks down, your air conditioner cannot properly deliver cool air throughout your house or property. Because of this, your air handler is a crucial part of your system. When you need it to be repaired or replaced, call Paramount Plumbing, Heating & Air for services in Paramount, CA. We provide same-day services to get your system up and running quickly.

Is your air conditioner failing to cool your house? You need professional services. Call us for air conditioner repairs in Paramount.

What You Need To Know About Air Handlers

Your air conditioner is made up of many components and units, including a pivotal air handler. This device – sometimes also called the “fan coil unit” – is the part of your system that resides inside your house. This unit contains a blower and evaporator coil to ensure your system produces cool air and that it is pushed out throughout your home. Without a functioning air handler, your home cannot cool to the desired temperature.

Why It’s Essential to Repair Your Air Handler Quickly

When your air handler breaks down, you need to schedule professional repairs as soon as possible. Having this unit fixed quickly allows you to:

  • Avoid shutting down your air conditioner, leaving you with an absence of cool air in your building or home.
  • Prevent other parts of your heating or cooling system from deteriorating.
  • Avoid larger, more costly repairs that a malfunctioning air handler can cause.
  • Provide better indoor air quality by properly circulating the air.

Do you smell a musty odor when your AC is running? Contact us to learn about our evaporator coil services in Los Angeles County.

Signs Your Air Handler Needs Repairs

You need a fully functioning air handler to keep your house cool and comfortable all summer. There are signs you can watch for that can indicate your unit needs professional repairs:

  • Your thermostat isn’t working correctly. While this can also be due to an issue with your thermostat, it can signal that something isn’t right with your air handler.
  • Air isn’t circulating throughout your property correctly. Your unit may need repairs if you notice hot and cold spots throughout your home or building.
  • Your indoor air quality has decreased. If the air in your property seems stale, it can indicate an issue with your system.
  • The blower isn’t functioning. A malfunctioning blower will cause your air handler to overwork and can prevent it from properly distributing cool air to your property.

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